Dila Products LLC

Dila Products LLC was established in 2006. Its farm is located in Koda, a village near Tbilisi, with a clean and healthy outdoor environment. The company produces more than 75 million high-quality eggs per year, employs 230 workers, and feeds more than 200,000 consumers every day. The 53 hectares of company farmland include a high- tech incubator that can hatch 400,000 chickens, poultry yards for breeding 140,000 chickens, 450,000 egg-laying chickens, 260,000 broilers, and free-range chickens.


The company has been ISO 22000-2005 and Georgian Quality Mark certified for many years. Quality control accompanies every stage of the production process. The procedures have been upgraded to match the new requirements of the pandemic. This means that the chicken farm and chicken fodder inspections are performed in our own laboratory. In addition, we have disinfection barriers, our workers wear special equipment, and we follow all other standards in accordance with our internal regulations.

Chicken Fodder

Our chicken fodder factory produces healthy food with an overall capacity of 25 tons of fodder per hour. The storage facilities measure about 3,000 square meters, while the grain stores reach up to 7,000 cubic meters. The main ingredients of our fodder are high quality maize, corn, sunflower and soybean meal, and sunflower oil.


We have a fleet of more than 20 distributor cars that allow us to distribute our products throughout Georgia on the day of production and ensure high quality in the delivered products. More than 30 SKUs of our eggs can be bought in the majority of large, medium, and small retail stores throughout Georgia.


Caring for the environment is one of our priorities. We have waste recycling equipment in our factory. We have been gradually switching to Eco packaging our eggs with the help of the SANOVO technology line since 2017. We were the first company in Georgia to introduce Omega-3 enriched eggs in Eco packages by Hartmann in that same year. Today all 5 of our main brands, Omega-3 Enriched Eggs (since 2017), Gantiadi (since 2018), XL (the largest eggs) (since 2020), and Free Range Eggs (since 2020) come in ECO packaging.

Our International partners are: Anpario, Aytav, Hartmann, HasTavuk, Kutlusan, Pluriton, SARIA, and Vilofoss.